GRATITUDE: Attitude Into Action

November 1, 2016

Hi All!  


I'm titling this Blog Post "GRATITUDE: Attitude Into Action"


I've been what most would call a "founding" member of the Cancer Support Center of Maine (CSCOM) since it was just an idea. That idea stemmed from the Cancer journey of our now executive director, Barbara Vittum. Here's the skinny on how “Gratitude” (the Thanks-Giving season theme) fits into my ongoing connection with the Cancer Support Center of Maine. 


I've personally never had to hear the words, "You've got Cancer...." so I can't speak from that depth of knowing. What I can speak to is how something so unfathomable to me might somehow relate to “Gratitude”. 


Not having had a firsthand experience of Cancer, gratitude for that fact brings about many memories and emotions. I remember the numbing body sensation that I felt when heard that dearest of friends was diagnosed with breast cancer. That was the closest I've ever come to being hit in the gut with dread. No words can express the fear, helplessness, and feelings of inadequacy that raced through my mind and body. I knew that her cancer diagnosis would change my life; for sure, it would change hers and those around her.   


What I didn't know is that I would learn a lot about what it is to be truly Grateful. Life from a day-to-day perspective is nothing like living in the presence of someone so dear moving through what is often called a journey. I witnessed her preparation, surgery, and recovery process, which was followed by weeks of chemotherapy treatments and then the devastation stemming from those treatments. At the same time, I started observing my relationship with Gratitude grow. With every positive moment, progress made through challenges and hardships, and witnessing the tremendous support of neighbors, friends, family who came out of the ethers to do whatever was needed, I became more and more aware of this sense of gratitude growing within me day after day.     


I've heard the phrase "an attitude of Gratitude" for years! Not until I journeyed alongside my dear friend during the hard times, the years that followed, and then into again thriving did I feel the impact of how those moments of simple gratitude created a shift in me. This new awareness and attitude somehow opened a door to a more positive reality for me. It was a contributing part of my own recovery from this experience. A deep and abiding knowledge of what and where miracles can come from in having that "Attitude of Gratitude" now lives within me.   


How did I move that attitude into action? By witnessing this journey to wholeness in another. Witnessing the help of so many so someone can thrive.  


Eight years ago, because of this cancer journey of my dear friend, we joined with other close core friends and created the Cancer Support Center of Maine.  We've devoted the last eight years and have helped hundreds of clients and groups in many ways (more info on our website). Personally, I give financially what I can, and physically volunteer in many capacities. Offering what I can from this new awareness of gratitude moves me into action every day, and has impacted all of my life.  What comes back to me is always a deeper sense of “Gratitude” for the work that the CSCOM does in our communities.   


What in your life has shifted your own “Attitude of Gratitude” into an “Action of Gratitude”?    


In this season of holiday events and moving into a new year, join me in taking action to move from an “Attitude of Gratitude” into an “Action of Gratitude” by supporting the CSCOM in some way. Ways to support our organization:  

·         VOLUNTEER at an event. Many hands make a lighter workload! Use your gifts and talent to assist others!

·         DONATE what you can financially.  Many people have given generously to offer what they can, which enables the CSCOM do such good work!  

·         KEEP US IN MIND:  Send us your heartfelt love and refer. 

·         REFER other people who may not know how to about our agency...we are so grateful for all of your support.  


Feel into your own “Attitude of Gratitude” and see how you might move it into a call to Action. I encourage you use your life’s experiences to move you into an “Attitude to Action”!  Magnify your hearts calling through connecting with others who truly need your support.   


I send you all love and blessings, 

Martha Ohrenberger
Therapeutic Massage, Health Coaching and Support 
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"Surround yourself with those who believe in YOU and open your heart to all the gifts you receive. And never allow previous problems to overcome you, a chemo/therapy time is only for healing. Remember there are lots of survivors." ..Linda Maria Drew

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