The Cancer Support Center of Maine | Thank You!!

Thank You to These Wonderful Supporters

The Center wishes to express a heartfelt thank you to the following people for their generosity and support:


Winfred LaCasce
Kathleen & Peter Jenkins
Evelyn Vistica
Lois Hayes & Julie Ogletree
Margaret & Michael Comer
Cherryl & Robert Losurdo
Phillip & Barbara Graff
Mary & Stephen White
Dr. Gary Fessler
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Gaffney
Dr. William Caddoo

Roger & Teri Casey
Dr. Paul & Evelyn Liebow
Kenneth & Eleanor Vittum
Bonnie Brennan
Forest & Susan Hart
Linda Morneault
Leigh& Cheryl Williamson
Richard Judkins
Gerald & Patricia Couture
Atlantic Bay Chiropractic
Elizabeth Aldrich
Kathleen Winberg
Mary & Brad Allen
Charlene & Cleve Kennedy
Ro LeGasse
Polly & Colin Beeson
Anne Hayes
Cheryl Boyle
Dr. John Bradford
Deborah Henderson
Brandon O’Clair
Caren McCourtney & Gabrielle Wellman
Barbara Bridges
Richard Rosen
Danny & Bille Keeler
Cora Jo Wills
Arthur Hand
Beth Henderson & Deb Lattizori
Jean Arsenault
Maureen & Steve Harris
K. B. Nolen
Sandra Sigmon
Robert Garrecht
Charleyne Gilbert
William Dresser
Joyce Donnell
Alan & Martha Pickering
Jeff & Judy Burke


Bonnie Brennan, Bucksport, ME
Janice Calhoun, Orrington, ME
Christina Molloy, Bangor ME
Hanna Binett, Bangor, ME
Kirk Grant, Bangor, ME
Greg Greenman, Australia & Bangor, ME
Carmen Detour, Daigle Kenduskeag, ME
Ro Legasse, Bangor, ME
Cheryl Boyle, Bucksport, ME
Herman Nelson, Bangor, ME
Jim & Sam Doty, Penobscot, ME
Richard Judkins, Bucksport, ME
Pam Dunbar Orland, ME
Jeff Horne
Sharon Buck


Mr. George Marshal & The Katherine Ebbert Marshall Fund Orland, ME
Lou Harris Newport, ME
Avy Claire Blue Hill, ME
Jeffrey & Lori Sawyer Holden, ME
Janice Tabor & The Vittum Family Saco, ME
Dr & Mrs. Paul Liebow Bucksport, ME
John Hyk Prospect, ME
Dr. Beth-Ann Lieberman Trenton, ME
Paul Blouin Suzuki - Paul Blouin Augusta, ME

Renovation Team

George Marshal of Orland for fund$ for the project
Herman Nelson of Bangor for carpentry, etc.
Ron Reed of Levant for fussy painting & therapy
Bubba Buddy of Levant - our Mascot American Bull Dog
Carmen Detour of Kenduskeag - you name it… she did it
Dale O’Ben of Windsor for yard work, muscles, & chuckles
Bruce Suppes of Stockton for dandy handy man stuff
Nancy Suppes of Stockton for fix it, clean it, & buff it
James Melanson of Liberty for floors and walls
Janice Calhoun of Brewer Lake for sanding & laughs
Kenneth Vittum of Ellsworth for furniture & windows
Eleanor Vittum & Marguerite Aldrich for furniture
Chris Molloy of Orrington for cleaning, computer skills, & then some
Colin Shepard of Orrington for cleaning, etc.
Bonnie Brennan of Bucksport for equipment & coffee
Tim Webster of Prospect for blood, sweat, tears, & jokes
Jerry Ellis of Bangor for lots of elbow grease
Martha Ohrenberger of Penobscot for office set up
Cecelia Ames of Verona for the desk and advice

Quote of Inspiration

"Surround yourself with those who believe in YOU and open your heart to all the gifts you receive. And never allow previous problems to overcome you, a chemo/therapy time is only for healing. Remember there are lots of survivors."

.. Linda Maria Drew

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