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When someone is newly diagnosed, it can be extremely overwhelming and very emotional. The Cancer Support Center of Maine is here to listen to patients and their loved ones as they go through their cancer journeys, offering:

Emotional support and suggestions on existing social services they may need such as:

· Rides to appointment or gas cards,
· How to apply for home heating oil,
· Maine Care,
· Lower electric rates,
· Charity care at health care facilities,
· Food stamps,
· Where to go for legal advice etc.
· as well as helping them understand their particular situations as a result of their cancer.

They offer advice on typical questions to ask various health care providers depending on the type and stage of their cancer, and specific ways individuals and their family and friends can get organized to make their cancer journeys less confusing, and offer ways to cope with challenges that may occur during their treatments. These requests are as varied as the particular situations.

Quote of Inspiration

"Surround yourself with those who believe in YOU and open your heart to all the gifts you receive. And never allow previous problems to overcome you, a chemo/therapy time is only for healing. Remember there are lots of survivors."

.. Linda Maria Drew

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