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Barbara A. Vittum, Executive Director

An Ellsworth native, Barbara attended and graduated in 1975 from the Ellsworth public school system.  Having extensive business experience for over three decades, she owned and operated the Hancock Grocery in Hancock, Maine from 1977 to 1986; and the Vineyard, in Bucksport, Maine from 1987 to 2008.  She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001.  Graduating suma cum laude from The University of Maine in 2007 with a BA in psychology, she received many awards, honors and scholarships, including The Outstanding Achievement Award for Lifelong Learning.  With her sights on pursuing a Masters degree, her area of interest is Public Health, Disabilities and Social Policy.  Since 1999 to present, she has been on the Board of Directors of Bucksport Regional Health Center, a health care facility offering primary care to area residence regardless of their ability to pay, serving on numerous committees.  She is a member of the Maine Breast Cancer Coalition and Encore breast cancer survivor support group; did her two-year student internship at Caring Connections, a women’s health-care cooperative between Eastern Maine Medical Center and the Bangor Y; was a Peer Advisor to first year students for three years for the University of Maine College Success Program; and for years has participated in many cancer-related fundraising activities: Komen Race for the Cure, Avon Marathon for a Cure, American Cancer Society walks and other AMC fundraising; as well as participating in various university and community food drives and events. Compassionately providing help to many friends and family members through their cancer journeys, as well as being a cancer survivor herself, Barbara is a strong advocate and active supporter of those in the community in their times of need.

Martha Ohrenberger, President - Board of Directors

Martha lives and works in Penobscot, Maine. Graduating from the University of Maine with a degree in education in 1976, she worked with children with severe disabilities and emotionally challenged adolescences. Martha also graduated from Eastern Maine Vocational College in Nursing in 1984.  She is self employed as a full time health education coordinator and massage therapist, graduating from the McKinnon Institute in Oakland, California in 1993; and in 2007, Martha received her certification in SHEN Therapy, which is a physical bodywork modality for somatic emotional release.  Martha feels passionately about personal empowerment and works to assist others in finding the true nature of their own body wisdom and health.  She has a background as a nurse in medical/surgical and cardiac nursing, in addition to elder-care in a nursing home setting. Presently, she works to educate others on nutrition as it affects all systems of the body and her interests are in both direct care giving and patient risk reduction as a result of cancer.  Personally impacted by cancer, Martha has done hands-on nursing care for both friends and community members who have undergone surgery and treatment for various cancer diagnoses.  She serves as a strong resource to numerous families during their times of health crisis, as both a care giver and family support person.

Theresa Soucy, Vice President - Board of Directors

Theresa graduated from the Academy of St. Joseph’s in 1967 and attended University of Maine at Presque Isle.  She has owned and operated Frank’s Bake Shop in Bangor, Maine for the last 30 years, in addition to Aqua Pure Water Store from 2005 to present.  Theresa is also a certified Body Talk practioner, synchronizing and balancing the body/mind complexes to the innate wisdom of self healing; as well as a certified Rain-Drop therapist, using non-invasive message and essential oils applications, helping to strengthen the immune system.  She has long been active in community support through her business donating to: a wide variety of local agencies, including donation of food to the Bangor Area Homeless Shelter; has given time, food, and resources to a number of local fund raising events; and is active in community enhancement activities.  Through her many years in business, Theresa has employed interns from Community Culinary Arts Schools to fulfill their curriculum development, and has employed numerous individuals with disabilities. She is a volunteer at the Bangor Senior Citizen’s Organization, and been a guest speaker at Husson College, in Bangor Maine, to promote family businesses in Maine.  Theresa has long been an ally for those in need, and generously given to dozens of individuals and area non-profits throughout her decades of business in Bangor. She has also supported and done hands on care for many friends and family who have had cancer.

Jane Atherton Leopold, Secretary - Board of Directors

Born in Philadelphia, PA in 1944, Jane grew up near Doylestown and attended Northwestern University as an English major, in Evanston, IL.  Jane worked for 20 years as an executive assistant in New York City; and after moving to Maine, worked as a Human Resources Manager and Assistant to the CEO of Cuso Mortgage Co. in Bangor; and later became an acquisitions editor for Thorndike Press in Maine before retiring. As a business entrepreneur for several years, Jane was an antiques dealer, with an interest in historic preservation. Giving her excellent organizational skills to her community, she currently serves as a Board of Directors Officer in charge of customer relations and special problems for the Sandy Point Water Company that provides safe, clean drinking water to area residents. Long an active participant in the political process, Jane is an unwavering voice for the underserved.  She is a survivor of non-Hodgkins lymphoma since April, 2004. Her mother, as well as friends and other family members, have passed away from and survived cancer, and Jane remains dedicated to assisting others as they face their cancer diagnosis.


Cecelia Ames, Secretary - Board of Directors

Cecelia graduated from Bucksport High School, Bucksport, Maine in 1977. She received her Emergency Medical Technician Certification from Eastern Maine Community College in Bangor, Maine, and was a volunteer for the Bucksport Ambulance Service for seven years.  Cecelia has been an outstanding community leader involved in numerous community services: one of the originators of the PTA for the Bucksport School Systems; as a volunteer helped build area playgrounds; and was on the Conservation Committee in Bucksport, whose goal is planting flowers and trees and beatification of the community.  Cecelia has been both a School-Friend Mentor, as well as a Family Mentor.  Her experience in budgeting, finance and committee work is greatly appreciated as she was elected to the Bucksport Area School Board in 2004, where is presently serving her second term to that seat.  Her community work has given her a level of compassion, as has her experience with cancer, which has directly affected her siblings and other close family members, and friends.  Cecelia is steadfast in making a difference in those whose lives are greatly challenged by cancer, and to assist others during their cancer occurrence.

Dr. Linda Yelland

Under Development.

Linda Morneault

Born in Malden Massachusetts, Linda received her Bachelor of Science degree in teaching, in 1982 at Bridgewater State College and moved to Maine to become Director of Health, Physical Education and Recreation for the YWCA in Bangor.  Linda is a founding member of the Maine Breast Cancer Coalition and was it’s President for three years; has been a group facilitator for Metastatic Cancer Support groups; Chair for Komen Race For The Cure; Recipient of the Maine Leadership Award for Breast Health; and former member of Maine Bureau of Health, Public Education & Access Committee & Cancer Prevention & Control Advisory Committee. After working for the Y and Eastern Maine Medical Center for many years, Linda established a successful consulting business, Morneault Associates, Inc. in South Portland, Maine which provides implementation, training and project management services for electronic medical records for various health care organizations throughout New England.  Having both personally cared for and professionally been involved with those affected by cancer, Linda has been a fervent voice and remains a strong advocate for those battling cancer.