The Cancer Support Center of Maine | 2017 Capital Appeal

Sadly the Downeast Region has the state’s highest cancer rates in the State. Our Way To Wellness Program offers education and information on cancer risk reduction, nutrition, weight management, stress reduction, better sleep habits, and physical activity. And since this cancer prevention education is relevant to ones risk of heart disease and diabetes, area residents are able to access these free educational services and reduce their risk for other chronic diseases as well. In addition to offering one on one Wellness services to survivors or those in high risk groups. Some highlights in review this year include:

• 50 weeks of Way To Wellness Programs in Eastport
• 48 weeks of Way To Wellness Programs in Machias
• 4 weeks of Wellness Pilot Program in Ellsworth
• Provided 32 rides from Bucksport, Orland and Penobscot to appointment and treatments (still providing ongoing)
• Ongoing Tobacco Cessation groups, as well as individual no blame no shame “ kick the habit” sessions to help area residents be free of the cancer causing burden of tobacco dependency. This no blame no shame program is free as are all our programs to participants.
• Ongoing Cancer Support Group Meetings in Bucksport and Eastport, which help cancer patients and their loved ones receive emotional support and understanding from peers, who are going or have gone through the cancer experience.

Along with cancer prevention education, we accompany area cancer patients and their loved ones to appointments and treatments, help them understand their type of cancer and what to expect, hold their hands, offer one on one support, and advocate on their behalf—be it insurance issues, obtain food, fuel oil, tires for their car, or the myriad of psycho emotional and social concerns that arise when dealing with the often life threatening diagnosis of cancer.

“CSCOM service came at a time my husband and I needed it most. His wish was to die at home. With their support, my husband crossed over in peace. I am forever indebted to CSCOM for their support and for the magnitude of that gift.”— Holly

We have provided cancer support to people from Kittery to Calais, and Milinocket to Manchester with referral services, advice, and old fashioned compassion via phone and internet. Because we are a small organization your generous donation goes to helping people—not on big buildings, high executive and administrative salaries, fleets of vehicles, or resort retreats and huge expense accounts. We are very blessed to have professionals who volunteer their services, and many other volunteers who give of their time and talent, which allows us to keep our expenses to bare bone. We so appreciate all your support. Thank You! “THANK YOU!”
The Cancer Support Center of Maine is possible because of you.

Quote of Inspiration

"Surround yourself with those who believe in YOU and open your heart to all the gifts you receive. And never allow previous problems to overcome you, a chemo/therapy time is only for healing. Remember there are lots of survivors."

.. Linda Maria Drew

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